Gerecyclede Tassen & Schoenen

Recycled material fabrics
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  • Unisa loves the planet Our commitment with the environment is stronger than ever. With a wool look and feel, obtained 100% from recycled waste plastic bottles. As a result, a micro collection for a more sustainable world.

Recycled material fabrics: the future for a more sustainable world.

Ecolino and Ecowool line: Shoes and bags made of PET (recycled plastic) fabrics.

Unisa creates a collection of different footwear styles and bags from the best processes and raw materials. A micro collection of sneakers, espadrilles, sandals, handbags made of fabrics produced from plastic bottles. 

A collection designed for a laid-back type of woman, a collection in which recycled materials really play the bigger role.

What better way to dress our steps than with sustainable footwear. A beautiful and comfortable footwear of high quality, created thinking of the environment with the use of PET fabrics. 

A bag is one of the most practical and popular accessories, since they allow us to carry all those objects we need in a comfortable way. It is a garment that says a lot about our style. This is why Unisa also wants it to be a responsible and sustainable fashion accessory, by using PET fabrics in the manufacture process. 

Join the ECOLINO and ECOWOOL trend, a healthy trend for our planet. Reusing must be a commitment to respect our planet.

In order to collaborate with the recycling of used materials, Unisa has created a collection of products fabricated using Ecolino and Ecowool, fabrics that are made 100% out of recycled plastic bottles. Resistant, long lasting, light and very colorful.

During the elaboration process, the bottles are transformed into threads and braids, becoming new fabrics that are reminiscent of Linen and Wool. Manageable materials just like any other fabric. This allows us to create sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, bags or any type of footwear with the same usual process.

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Unisa | Tag ons in je foto’s en laat je door andere outfits inspireren. #MyUnisas Have a look >
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