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Sneakers voor meisjes

Casual collectie sneakers

For sport and everything else

If you are looking for a shoe with which your daughter is comfortable and always up to date, join the fashion trend this season and discover the Unisa girls' sports collection, a fresh and casual collection with irresistible combinations and breakthrough designs.

Girls’ sneakers to take on the day ahead!

Shoes are one of the accessories preferred by girls, they also want to be up to date on the latest trends.
Thanks to their comfort, girls' sneakers have ceased to be a complement not only for sports, but have also become a staple in any girl's wardrobe. It is the ideal complement to any plan.
Each design is unique, a combination of materials and colours ; made of canvas for the warmer months or in leather to protect from the cold. With sparkly details that will enchant girls.
The ‘Dad shoes’ style sneakers have become one of the favourite designs to wear with all kinds of garments, combined with dresses of all kinds, with your favourite jeans or with comfortable leggings.
Takeover the day with girl’s sneakers, they won’t want just one pair.

Girl's sneakers will be the next super trend!

In addition to the sneakers made in Spain, you also find on our website a large assortment of shoes for girls online with a great variety of designs perfect for the smallest of the house.

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