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Complete your look this holidays

If you still don´t know what to wear these holidays, relax, at Unisa we have the accessory you are looking for. In our collection, you will find that special item that will make your party outfit look perfect. You will become the ideal guest or hostess, standing out before everyone´s eyes.

In addition, if you´d like to be different, you can design the shoes yourself with the custom section of our website. You will have all kinds of shoes, colors and materials available... you can be as creative as you want and combine your Unisas with the look you have in mind for these holidays.

Among the styles in our selection, you will find matching bags and shoes, but you can also create your own combinations. We have a wide range of materials and colours; In addition to different heel heights and different styles of party shoes. Whether you are looking for shoes with glitter or metal effect for a total party look, or whether you prefer to bet on a basic that suits any plan…even boots and ankle boots to fight the cold this Christmas! You'll find high heel shoes, high heel ankle boots, high-knee boots, party sandals, and much more...

As always, if you have trouble deciding, in our Unisa stores you will find the advice you need. If you already have your dress or look for these holidays, do not hesitate to bring it to us so we can help you choose the style that best suits your look. You´ll get it right!

And you, do you have your party look ready? Are you ready to shine?

We ❤ you,


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