Shoes with crepe soles

Creaminess and extreme comfort: Light, Flexible, Anti-slip, insulating.
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Discover the new trend! Fashion reinvents itself again, bringing a new trend for this winter season. Shoes with crepe soles!

Our experience in the sector is extensive and accurate, since we have been working in the sale and manufacture of women's footwear for a long time.

At Unisa we work daily based on a continous study and analysis of the market and the change of trends in the world of fashion. For some seasons now, fashion has been looking for comfort as its main feature. That is why crepe soles are breaking the winter market. The crepe sole is manufactured from rubber, is non-slip, rough and very flexible. It adapts to any type of floor, maintains a comfortable temperature for the foot and prevents moisture from penetrating the shoe.

It has become one of the favorite winter soles of shoe designers. Get your new Unisas with crepe soles on our online shop!
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