Loafers for woman

With a Supersoft insole, square toes, gold buckles, sophisticated prints or a block heel. Choose your loafers 2.0.
  • Unisa Mocasines BALIZA_SIS cuero new
  • Unisa Mocasines DALCY_24_NTO black 5%
    Loafer with trim 109.90 € 99.90 €
  • Unisa Mocasines DALCY_24_LMT silver 45%
    Loafer with trim 109.90 € 59.90 €
  • 35%
  • Unisa Bolsos pequeños ZBIRDI_KS POMME 10%
    Suede handbag 99.90 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Bolsos medianos ZFEBE_BS CANNELLE 25%
  • Unisa Mocasines DANERI_RK ivory 40%
  • Unisa Mocasines DALCY_24_KS sandia 35%
    Loafer with trim 109.90 € 69.90 €
  • Unisa Mocasines DALCY_24_NTO skin 5%
    Loafer with trim 109.90 € 99.90 €
  • Unisa Mocasines DANERI_RK BLOSSOM 40%
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_KS taupe 35%
  • Unisa Mocasines DALCY_24_LG_LMT CORAL/BALL 50%
    Loafer with trim 109.90 € 49.90 €
  • It's Loafer season Find your perfect everyday ally in the new collection
  • Unisa Sandalias DEAN_KS ocean 45%
  • Unisa Sandalias DEAN_KS skin 45%
  • Unisa Sandalias DEAN_LMT platino 45%
    Flat slingback loafer 109.90 € 59.90 €
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_KS ocean 35%
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_KS ecru 35%
  • Mocasín con suela deportiva
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_LMT mumm 35%
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_LMT navy 35%
  • 35%
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_LMT silver 35%
  • Unisa Mocasines FAMO_24_GRA black 35%
    Loafer with platform 115.00 € 69.90 €
  • Unisa Bolsos grandes ZMARIE_GRA black 25%
  • Unisa Bolsos grandes ZMARIE_GRA CANNELLE 25%
  • Unisa Bolsos grandes ZLUANPATCH_JE DENIM 10%
    Sustainable denim bag 69.90 € 59.90 €
  • Unisa Bolsos grandes ZMARIE_GRA ivory 25%
  • Unisa Bolsos de mano ZCHIARA_LMT silver 25%
  • Unisa Bolsos medianos ZFEBE_BS barley 25%

Discover Elegance and Comfort with UNISA's Loafers Leather Women Collection

Welcome to UNISA, your online destination for premium footwear. Immerse yourself in sophistication and comfort with our exclusive collection of loafers leather women, expertly crafted in Spain. Explore the perfect blend of style and ease with UNISA.

Exquisite Loafers Made in Spain

Step into the legacy of Spanish craftsmanship with UNISA's loafers leather women collection. Each pair is meticulously crafted in Spain, reflecting the artistry and dedication that define the "Made in Spain" label. Elevate your style with loafers that embody a heritage of quality and design.

Unmatched Comfort: Walk with Ease in Every Step

Experience unparalleled comfort with UNISA's loafers leather women collection. Designed for all-day wear, these loafers seamlessly blend elegance with ease, ensuring you walk confidently and comfortably. Enjoy the luxury of comfort without compromising on style.

Versatile Designs and Colors: Find Your Style Statement

UNISA offers a diverse range of designs and colors in our loafers leather women collection. From classic neutrals to vibrant hues, our collection provides versatility for every style preference. Find your perfect style statement and express your individuality with our wide variety.

Fashionable and Functional: Loafers for Every Occasion

At UNISA, we believe in fashion that enhances your lifestyle. Our loafers leather women collection effortlessly marries style and function, offering a perfect balance of elegance and wearability. Elevate your wardrobe with loafers that make a statement while prioritizing your comfort.

Secure Your Style with UNISA: Where Quality Meets Trend

Secure your style journey with UNISA's loafers leather women collection. Embrace the sophistication of Spanish craftsmanship, revel in the comfort of our designs, and choose from a palette of colors that suits your style. Make a lasting impression with UNISA – where quality meets trend.

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