Unisa shoe care

    Unisa Shoe Care

    A proper care and cleaning is absolutely essential to make your pair of Unisa's last longer… Here you will find a few tips to help you keep them always clean and in good condition.

    General advice:

    The best way to make sure that the shoes don’t crease or lose their original shape is to store them in the original box along with all the elements provided by the factory 
    Undo the straps before putting the shoes on to prevent the buckles and elastics from breaking.  
    Using a shoehorn is a good option, so that the heels and the counters stay firm and don’t lose shape.  

    As the sun is the number one enemy of leather, keep them away of direct sunlight so that they stay their original colour and don’t fade. 

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    Suede and suede derivatives such as Nubuck: 

    If you want to clean off the dust and dirt that builds up, we recommend using a shoe sponge specially designed to clean footwear and always rubbing the surface without wetting the sponge, until the dirt comes off 
    If there are liquid or grease stains on the shoes, the best thing to do is to let dry making sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperaturesand try to get the stain off with a soft shoe brushrubbing very gently the surface so that you don’t damage it 
    Do not wet or apply polish on to shoes made of suede or a similar kind of material; in some cases there is no solution to these stains. 
    Other stain removal products or stain proof products that protect the shoe with a plastic layer on the surface are available in general stores and drugstoresIf you decide to use this type of product read the instructions carefully first and listen to the recommendations given by the store. 
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    Fabric shoes:

    Caring for fabric shoes is like caring for delicate pieces of clothing 
    In this case, the best thing to do is using soap or a detergent with a neutral pand gently rub the surface with a clean cloth or ragWhen rinsing the fabric make sure you don’t completely soak the shoes and never put them in the washing machine.

    Patent leather:

    Patent leather is one of the easiest materials to clean because it has waterproof properties due to the thin plastic layer that covers the leather 
    Imost cases, just gently rub the affected area with a damp clothAlways keep the patent leather shoes with the shoe tree and the tissue paper provided, as patent leather tends to creaseIt is very important to store the shoes properly so that the patent leather doesn’t deteriorate.

    Nappa leather and other smooth leathers:

    In order to remove any dust or dirt that builds up on the surface, we always recommend using a dry cloth and rub the affected area until the dirt comes off 
    Depending on the colour, a specific cream may also be used to brighten the shoes up, although if in doubt it would be better to choose a neutral shoe cream and then shine them by polishing them vigorously 
    Grease and oil stains are more difficult to remove; you can try using soap or a detergent with a neutral pH and rub the surface gently with a clean cloth or rag, then let them dry away of direct sunlight and follow the aforesaid steps to even out the tone of the leather.

    Waxed and distressed leathers:

    These pre-treated leathers and products can lose their charm if the wrong cream or shoe brush is used 
    We recommend using the proper shoe wax and then rub the surface vigorously until the original colour or shine comes back 
    How they are stored is also importantwe recommend always keeping them in a fabric bag, separate from other shoes, with the original tissue paper and elements provided by the factory so that they last and look good longer.
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    We hope this has been helpful 
    If you have any tips on how to look after your shoes and you want to share them with us, tell us on Facebook. 

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