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Evening and Party Shoes and Bags
  • UNISA Sandalia en piel tacón medio MONI_NS 10%
  • Unisa Sandalias MECHI_21_KS black 10%
  • Unisa Sandalias MECHI_21_KS jeans 10%
  • UNISA Sandalia tacón sensato MECHI_21_KS 10%
  • Unisa Sandalias NENES_21_RAD_NA mumm/sunta 15%
  • UNISA Sandalia efecto brillo MOPU_RAD 15%
    Shiny effect sandals 109.90 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Salón de mujer en piel efecto serpiente PASCUAL_21_NEF 35%
    Snake effect leather pumps 129.90 € 79.90 €
  • Unisa Salones PASCUAL_21_KS black 25%
    High heel pumps 109.90 € 79.90 €
  • Unisa Salones PASCUAL_21_KS nude 25%
    High heel pumps 109.90 € 79.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia en piel ante y tacón alto YAGUE_KS 40%
  • UNISA Sandalia grabado efecto serpiente YAGUE_MA 45%
  • UNISA Sandalia de piel efecto serpiente MOPU_NEF 30%
  • Unisa Pala Talón MOPU_NEF nude 30%
  • UNISA Salón clásico en charol NUMAR_21_PA 30%
  • UNISA Salón punta fina en piel TAFALLA_NA 35%
    Pointy toe leather pumps 109.90 € 69.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia de piel con tacón alto YAMALI_NS 5%
    Leather high heel sandals 109.90 € 99.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias MECHI_21_EV black 20%
  • Unisa Sandalias MECHI_21_EV mumm 20%
  • UNISA Sandalia con tira en empeine y tejido brillante MECHI_21_EV 20%
  • Unisa Sandalias MECHI_21_EV tuscany 20%

Sparkle and shine

A birthday party, an evening out, a wedding, a special event, your anniversary… there are so many occasions where a special look is required, that Unisa couldn’t but create that special style for you.

The Unisa collection of dressy sandals and shoes is perfect to shine like a star in these special moments, you can’t be wrong.
With Unisa’s dressy sandals you will be the perfect guest in all events, and you will complete your most sophisticated outfits for your night parties. What are you waiting for?
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