Large handbags

  • Unisa Bolso de mano ZPATY_EW_CAN grigi/sadd 40%
    Sac shopper ecowool 89.90 € 49.90 €
  • UNISA Bolso shopper ecowool ZPATY_EW_CAN natu/sadd 40%
    Sac shopper ecowool 89.90 € 49.90 €
  • UNISA Bolso hobo charol y pelo ZISTRIPE_HR_VE black 40%
    Patent and fur hobo bag 89.90 € 49.90 €
  • UNISA Bolso grande efecto serpiente ZPIRO_F20_STPY black 35%
    Snake effect large handbag 79.90 € 49.90 €
  • UNISA Bolso tote monograma ZISNOW_F20_EWE monocumin 35%
    Monogram Tote bag 79.90 € 49.90 €
  • UNISA Bolso shopper de piel ZNOLI_MM black 45%
    Leather Shopper bag 149.90 € 79.90 €

Leather handbags with large capacity

We know all your world can't fit inside a bag, but give us a try! Find out the Unisa selection of large bags. Choose a fashion classic such as a tote in modern and sophisticated designs, or a versatile shopper bag. Complete your everyday look without missing anything!
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