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The accessory is the key

The journalist Kathryn Eisman said that "if you want to know what a woman is like, you should not look her in the eye, but at her handbag."

There is no more feminine accessory than a handbag, with which each woman establishes a relationship so close that, actually, it ends up saying a lot about the person wearing it day after day.

Working with this in mind, in Unisa we create original and unique handbags for different women. Each style is embodied season after season in women's large bags as tote, bowling or shopper, as well as medium-size bas like the handy shoulder bags and small bags for special occasions such as clutch bags, hand or flat type.
We have them all, find out which one suits you best!

Complete your look with a bag

We all know that accessories are essential when completing a look and that, sometimes, it is very difficult to find the correct one.
At UNISA we always have your needs at heart so we offer you an online collection of top quality bags.
We are experts in the manufacture of leather products, so choosing one of our bags, is to choose comfort and quality at the same time, together with the last fashion trends and design.

Within our large selection of women handbags, you will find, among others, the small bags, those great companions on important occasions or events that require a more discreet approach. We have all been at least once in a situation where we desperately needed a clutch or small handbag, or we have simply felt like choosing a more “wearable” bag. Within our collection you will find both types of bags, clutch or handbag, plus you will find newer designs such as the “flat” type.

On the other hand, you will find medium-sized bags, in which we can introduce more items than in the small bag and give us more possibilities without exceeding size. The collection´s “star item” is the shoulder bag style, which you can find with fringes, with a folding flap ... you can also choose other models such as the bucket type or the bracelet handbags, with a loop-shaped handle. You can use them all, both in an event or on a daily basis.

Finally, for those who carry almost everything in their bag, we present you bags of larger size. You can choose between Tote bags, a fashionable and trendy classic, season after season, and the Shoppers, versatile and sophisticated.

Now you have everything! Complete your look with party bags without compromising anything, with the possibility to choose between leather and metallic material always of the highest quality.

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Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
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