Ecolino by Unisa

The 5th of June is World Environment Day, a date to remind us that it is in our hands to take care of our oceans, our planet, and to incorporate small habits in our daily routine to help this purpose.

Under the slogan "Reuse to create", we join the fight for giving plastic a new life and use, transforming it into resistant, long-lasting, light and ecological shoes and bags.

Plastic Shoes - Made From Plastic Bottles

Ecolino is an exclusive trademark of Unisa, that makes up a micro collection of sportswear, espadrilles, sandals and bags for your daily life made from fabrics created from waste plastic bottles. They are unique pieces.

Slow Fashion, a life choice

It is possible to make sustainable fashion without compromising design, comfort, quality and versatility...

For the moment, this is our small contribution to the world by creating a brand that is socially committed, as well as respectful of the environment.