Flat and heeled mules
  • UNISA Sandalia tipo esclava en ante BATZANSIN_KS 40%
  • Unisa Zuecos BATZANSIN_KS corallo 40%
  • Unisa Zuecos GALEGO_RAN_VIP BISQU/GING 35%
  • Unisa Zuecos GAVA_MOA black 70%
    Leather slingback loafers 125.00 € 36.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia destalonada de piel NALINI_NA_MA 40%
    Leather slingback sandals 149.90 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos NALINI_PA black 40%
    Patent leather mules 149.90 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos MAINAR_NA black 30%
    Platform sandals 135.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia con plataforma MAINAR_NA 30%
    Platform sandals 135.00 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos DOJAN_CRE white 30%
    Leather slingback loafers 105.00 € 69.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos JAFRE_MOA black 20%
    Leather mules 115.00 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos JAFRE_MOA ivory 20%
    Leather mules 115.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia en piel con cuña y pala ancha KALANI_NA 25%
    Leather wedge sandals 125.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Zueco tipo pala en ante GALLUR_KS 25%
  • Zueco en color marrón con monograma
  • UNISA  GUYA_NA 20%
  • UNISA Zueco tipo pala en ante GALLUR_KS 25%
  • UNISA Zueco plano en piel CABRU_BLU 10%
    Flat leather mules 79.90 € 69.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias BATZANSIN_CRE black 30%
    Leather sandals 105.00 € 69.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia tipo esclava en piel BATZANSIN_CRE 30%
    Leather sandals 105.00 € 69.90 €
  • Zueco estilo pala
    Leather mules 115.00 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias esclavas CALESIN_21_BLU umber 10%
    Bio thong sandals 79.90 € 69.90 €
  • Sandalia con tiras y cuña ancha
  • UNISA Sandalia plana tipo esclava fabricada en piel      CADIARSIN_NA 30%
    Flat leather mule sandals 105.00 € 69.90 €
  • UNISA Mocasín destalonado de ante DOJAN_KS 30%
  • 25%
  • Unisa Sandalias CADIARSIN_KS mustard 30%
  • UNISA Zueco con monograma DOSES_KS 25%
    Monogram mules 139.90 € 99.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias DOSES_KS jeans 25%
    Monogram mules 139.90 € 99.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias KOLY_NA bisquit 35%
  • Unisa Sandalias KOLY_NA black 35%
  • Unisa Sandalias KOLY_NA white 35%
  • Unisa Zuecos MASHA_KS lauro 25%
  • Unisa Zuecos MANDAY_KS cinamon 35%
    Kid suede mule sandals 139.90 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Zuecos MASHA_NS black 25%
    Knot leather sandals 125.00 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Sandalias KEIZER_VU ivory 25%

Mules, summer key item

Mules are that type of summer shoes that one can wear the whole summer all the way till autumn. Made in Spain, with our Mediterranean essence, this must-have is versatile and has a laid back fit.

Flat, with platform or heeled, clogs come in a thousand and one versions, one for every occasion. For the more animated events we recommend the block heel mules, you won´t notice you´re walking on heels!

If the occasion requires a more elegant approach, we recommend one of our heeled mules with closed toe or the heeled straps mules to enhance your figure.

Should you go more for a flat style this summer, the flat sling-back sandals are ideal for you. They are so comfortable that you will think you´re walking on espadrilles. You can choose among our different proposals such as the crossed-straps mules, the peep-toe styles or the closed loafer-like mules.

You can also choose an animal print like the leopard or the snake patterns; handcrafted embroidery and braided mules for a boho touch; or even Carey embellished details and buckles for a more elegant look.

How to combine your mules this season

It can seem complicated because we are not used to them, but the truth is that mules are a very versatile footwear that you can combine with any summer look…

For the office, the block heel will be your best ally. A fresh linen suit or a midi dress and you will be ready for success! A relaxing afternoon demands flat shoes. Combine your leather or kid suede mules with a flowy dress or a sarong-skirt and a basic top.

For a night out you will want to be comfortable, and our square-heel mules are the best choice. Wear them with an asymmetric skirt and a crop top, you will look very trendy!

Try them on in our UNISA shops

As you can see, this year women´s mules are in vogue, and we love them! And you, which style do you like best? If you find it hard to decide, you can visit any of our UNISA stores and try on your favourite styles right there. We will be very happy to assist you!
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