Wide fit pumps

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    Black boots wide shaft 230.00 € 119.90 €

Unisa shoes for every woman

The perfect shoes do not exist but in Unisa we work every day to make our shoes feel like they fit like a glove.
Therefore, we present a new selection of special width pumps, to ensure that all women who
sometimes have a hard time finding a comfortable yet trendy style, can still wear a Unisa pair.
We are all equal, but at the same time, we are all different and unique. Therefore, based on the style that defines Unisa shoes, we go further by responding to the needs of each woman.

Find your perfect pair of wide fit pumps

Unisa special width pumps combine elegance and attractive designs, with the latest technology, so that all women walk day after day with confidence, without pain and above all without giving up the latest trends.

What are you waiting for to discover the special width and round toe pumps in leather or black kid suede?

No matter how you are, in Unisa there is a pair of shoes for you.

Discover more about Extra Wide & SuperSoft shoes here.

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