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Urban sneakers come back to our lives

Join the most urban trend with the fashionable favorite sneakers and enjoy the street style version, XL chunky women´s sneakers, Ugly sneakers, wedge sneakers, in white, etc. This footwear is now regarded as one of the coolest.

Comfort and style can go together in a pair of womens´sneakers. In Unisa we say “yes!” to that. We can prove it by offering all the different styles from our women´s sneakers selection.

When we choose a pair of shoes we all look for comfort together with looks and fashion. In UNISA we believe that the most important thing for your day to day life is comfort, which is essential to have a day without feeling tired or fatigued. For those women who are after a more casual and informal look, but still keeping it fresh, the best choice will be a pair of women´s sneakers with which achieve your own comfy look.

One of the things we enjoy the most is to walk on brand new shoes, especially when they go hand in hand with your style and are perfect for our day to day life.

Whatever your style you will always find a great range of possibilities within our UNISA catalogue, where you will discover our sneaker selection, a great combination of trends, assorted colours and top quality materials, making it very easy to find your perfect pair of sneakers.

Have no doubt, UNISA will be that shop where you will find the most comfortable and wearable sneakers with the best quality. Backed by 25 years of experience in the industry and in retail.

You can now discover our catalogue with which you will be able to choose your favorite pair and buy them with free delivery.

It´s so easy to find your ideal sneakers! Should you have any questions, do get in touch with us with a free customer service number or email and we will do anything we can to help you.

Women's leather sneakers online at the best price

Find the casual Unisa sneakers for women. Velvet sneakers, mixed with kid suede, in military style or with fringes. Complete your look!

Find your Unisa women´s shoes:

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Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
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