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Black Friday 2020

Stay tuned

Black Friday 2019 arrives at Unisa

Now that the cold weather is setting on our day to day, boots and ankle boots with fur lining become our best armor. Endless ideal proposals for you to think about this Black Friday 

What style would you go for?

This black Friday, and the whole weekend, is the ideal time to get your sneakers, heel ankle boots, XXL boots, or any style you have had in mind for a while. It is the perfect weekend to make your Christmas purchases at a more affordable price. Prepare your looks for these holidays with Unisa high heel pumps, ankle boots, or boots, the most comfortable and elegant footwear at very interesting prices. 

Find discounts on virtually the entire Unisa collection. Discover all of our discounts on Unisa 2019 Black Friday / Black weekend, a great selection of the collection´s best items.

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