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New openings 2019: Nice, Oviedo and Luxembourg

We want you to participate in the opening of the two new Unisa stores, where you can have fun and purchase our shoes and bags ....

In Unisa we are delighted to be able to present to you new spaces, where you can personally discover our products. So much so that in recent months we have opened 3 new stores, one in the French town of Nice and one in the city of Luxembourg, more specifically in the Cloche d'Or shopping center.

In France it is not the first time we announce a new opening, our love for the French country is more of a homely feeling due to its proximity to Spain ...

This time we have left a little piece of us in Nice, with what is perhaps our biggest store yet! A renovated, fresh and warm space where you can discover our new collection. Despite being in a commercial environment, you can escape the everyday stress of life.

We expand our store network in Spain with this new store in Oviedo, making this opening a special one for us.

On the other hand we have premiered in Luxembourg, in a prominent location within a shopping center as well. We invite you to visit us on your shopping days. We are awaiting you with open arms.

If none of our stores are close to you, don’t worry, you can still get your favourite pairs on our online store. You can discover the complete collection here!

We hope to be near you soon, that is if we haven´t done so already.

We ❤ you


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