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Over-the-knee boots

Unisa online collection

Enhance your silhouette in every look

The over-the knee boot trend is still at its highest peak.

Unisa creates a wide range of XXL boots that you can use in your day to day.

Sophisticated and comfortable designs so that the most stylish and cold-sensitive can keep their legs warm.

Flat black leather musketeer boots or XXL heeled boots, with wedges, made of leather or stretch fabric that fit the legs very well. An essential must have in any wardrobe this season.

Unisa´s thigh high boots go very well with any winter outfit.
We have already been enjoying knee high boots designs for a while, but the truth is that it´s a basic that does not go out of style.
Each season the designs are adapted to the trends, with different prints and patterns, higher heels, with platforms, flat, elastic materials, plain colors ... but always with the over-the-knee shaft.

This type of XXL boot is very easy to combine, there are many different designs among which you can choose the ones that best suit your looks this winter.

The high boots are the ones in charge of posing a renovating style and full of character.

Set aside the ankle boots and focus your attention on the new designs of musketeer boots that Unisa brings to you this winter season.

Extreme musketeers that enhance your legs.

XXL musketeer boots define a new era.

Heel heights





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