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New Comfort

Comfortable and looking good all day

New Comfort, Maximum Comfort

Who said you couldn't look trendy while feeling comfortable? The new trend called New Comfort proves us that it is possible. Discover all the new technologies that provide maximum comfort for your feet. Ultra-light and flexible shoes that you will not want to take off. For this new winter season, one thing is true: comfortable and beautiful all day long!

EVA Lite: The very high quality EVA material used in many soles of our shoe collection offers many positive technical characteristics: very elastic, water resistant, and extremely light. By reducing the shoe weight in a great percentage, very noticiable in the daily use, the comfort factor will be present at all times.

SuperSoft: Flexibility, comfort, breathability and lightness. SuperSoft means comfort, thanks to its lightness and flexibility, allowing us to face long days in our shoes without feeling any sign of fatigue. The composition of materials with which it is made offers greater absorption of the small impacts produced when walking, thus achieving greater care for our bones and joints.

ExtraWide: Some of Unisa´s styles have a wider and softer last. The commonly called wide-fit provides relief to those feet that need wider shoes. In addition, our special width shoes increase the degree of stability, better adapting to each step.

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