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Unisa online shoe collection for kids
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Great designs for little girl shoes

The little ones in the house, like their moms, also like to look trendy.

Following the wake of the latest trends, Unisa creates season after season unique little girls shoe collections. Comfort is not incompatible with design, and we know that all girls want to feel special when dressing, always following their own style, therefore, Unisa presents, within its Universe, a careful selection of the latest generation of ballerinas, sandals, boots and booties for girls. Original and top quality materials translate into a variety of very unique and special pieces to combine with their first outfits.

Wide range of sizes. Let them begin to choose their favorites!

Are you looking for the perfect shoe for your little girl? At Unisa, we create a collection exclusively for little girls, season after season. We adapt the fashion of the moment to the shoes created for little girls, always maintaining the innocence and sweetness that they exude, but showing that fresh and dynamic character that identifies them so much.
In Unisa we know how much little girls wish to feel unique and, at the same time, part of the moment and their surrounding environment. Our different styles of online shoes for little girls will allow them to feel very special with their looks, remaining truthful to their own style.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that design and comfort can go together. In our online store of women shoes, we have a catalogue of a carefully selected collection, you will find many possibilities such as our online sneakers, which can be used to play sports and much more. Sneakers will be the perfect footwear for your little girl's day-to-day life, who will be comfortable and fashionable. We present to you very original designs with a lot of personality that will make your little girl want all of them.

We would also like to draw your attention to our Mary Jane styles, within our great online assortment of little girl shoes, a formal style created for them that always look so cute. In Unisa we combine the different materials and colors that give our little girl Mary Jane shoes versatility and infinite usability. This classic and fun style for little girls will be the perfect choice for that special occasion.

Our little girls sandals couldn´t be a better choice. In Unisa we want the best for the little ones and for this reason, we have designed each pair of sandals with care and detail, taking into account the latest trends, with creations from the most classic sandals with updated touches such as stones or ruffles, to sandals with Bio soles or with a wedge for the most daring girls.

On the other hand, you will find, within our online little girl shoe collection, our trendiest ballerinas. Classic shoes will stop being just classic, and ballerinas will continue to be a classic, but always with character. This footwear style is suitable for any event and occasion, coming from a unique manufacturing process in which we have materials such as velvet, bows or ruffles. Irresistible!

And finally, we present the sandals with wedges for little girls, this summer´s stars in Unisa. We have designed an extensive catalogue of different styles with a raffia wedge of up to 5cm high, metal effect leather, patent leather, kid suede leather, ornaments with rhinestones, Roman sandals ... there are countless possibilities for the young ones to be able to enjoy feeling amazing with a pair of shoes .

Complete little girl shoes collection

If what you really want for your little girl is a wearable and original classic, choose the Unisa jute espadrilles for little girls. We have selected a variety of espadrilles made in jute and with high quality materials that combine design and comfort and are unique to match any of the looks your young one will wear.

Finally, we count with the shoe styles for those events in which a girl always needs to look impeccable, but maintaining innocence and sweetness. Weddings, christenings, communions or any other event in which formality is required. Any look will be perfect with our little girl shoes for ceremony.

We are backed by more than 25 years of experience in the industry and our attention is exclusively directed to your needs.

Choose your preferred styles, and remember that our girls no longer have to be princesses, our little ones are grown-ups and they are warriors and in Unisa we want to help them in each battle with the best footwear so that each step is a new world.
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Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
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