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The favorites of Teresa

Her eternal smile, her long blonde hair, Spanish to the core and with more than 330.000 followers on Instagram @teresaandresgonzalvo  has become an authentic fashion reference that stands out with her sexy style and the “lady” touch that so characterizes her.
For SS18, hand in hand with Unisa, Teresa, one of the queens of the 'street style' that best represent the contemporary “made in Spain”, selects her favorite styles of the season and teaches us how to combine them in 4 different looks.

Her outfits are always very innovative, she leaves the routine aside and matches different garments with accessories such as hats, jewelry or oversize coats. Her style is based on mixing, with a result that best reflects the cosmopolitan lifestyle, which becomes one of her hallmarks. Teresa has created a style that seduces thousands of followers from around the world daily. If she chooses a particular tone, she likes to do it in a monochrome version to give more emphasis to accessories and draw the attention of the look to the footwear. She likes it extravagant and daring! Find the inspiration to mix your Unisas with Teresa, follow her travel diary and discover the full story on our Instagram profile (@unisa_shoes_and_accessories). Her photos are the best proof that your Unisas are your best match wherever you go, always ready to be in your suitcase whatever your destination is.

#teresalovesunisa #myunisas
Unisa teresa andres ss18


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