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In order to enjoy all of your trips, parties and dinners you always need a good wardrobe. In Unisa, we have challenged ourselves to help you out with all of your summer outfits and, in order to do that, we have updated our sales with discounts up to -50% in the entire summer collection, are you ready?

If your vacation is bringing a lot of summer adventures, like sightseeing for hours in romantic Italian cities, get your sport sandals and you will be comfortable all day long.

If you prefer spending your afternoons by the beach, then you definitely need our mules!

However, if what you’re really looking forward is to leave behind the routine and walk around with your friend, having a different plan every day, then the perfect footwear for you would be a pair of comfy sneakers. You can get them from 49.99 euros!

If you’re one of those who doesn´t mind waiting for the sales in order to get those heels you really want, then you should check the pumps section on our online store. But don’t forget to take a look at our sandals, we have heeled styles that you could fall in love with. You can find sandals with straps if you want a more formal look, animal print block sandals for your bolder looks, and much more!

For little girls there are also sales! If they want to match their moms, we make it possible with shoes such as DINO and AUTO or BIRINA and LOKE. The different colors of Mary Janes are perfect for their summery dresses and jumpsuits. For pool parties, birthdays or the movies, sandals can be the most ideal footwear, and there are many different styles to choose from! In Unisa, we don’t forget about how much the little ones like to play and, in order to properly enjoy the summer, we have our selection of sneakers, very comfortable, perfect to have a great time, always with a lot of sunscreen of course!

Not only will you find sales in all the footwear you could ever imagine, but also in our unique line of bags, always with a wide range of styles, one perfect for each occasion. Vinyl, embroidered with raffia fibers, belt pouches, shoulder bags,… bright or in darker tones if you prefer,… you have endless possibilities to match your shoes…

A versatile and comfortable collection with a unique design. Don’t miss out on our sales and choose your pair now… You can go to any of our stores or simply do it from the comfort of your home visiting our website.

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