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In the design department of Unisa's headquarters, Teresa and Monica reinvent the brand every day!

They choose materials, constructions and styles, and by getting inspired they draft the collections every season.

Two independent and strong woman, in love with their jobs, who feel complete combining their work and personal life.

Powerful and highly valued, they are one of the pillars in the creation of our footwear every season. Each pair of shoes and bag created is subjected to the requirements of handcrafted work, and is carefully conceptualized in the design studio, in a creative and harmonious environment, impregnated with the Mediterranean savoir-faire that characterizes the brand and Made in Spain.

Their vision of the Unisa woman's style prevails in the search for new materials, and technologies that continually nurture the new collections. They are part of Unisa´s creative team, whose voices, ideas and references inspire thousands of women around the world. 

That is why we want to introduce them to you, real professional women, to help you know a little bit more about the team that makes up this universe full of women, a team devoted to work for them.
Graduated in Industrial Design with a postgraduate degree in Textile Products Development and a master degree in Footwear and Accessories design. This affectionate and smiling 28-year-old Valencian woman is responsible for materials within the Unisa design team.

Her sensitivity about materials and her great taste and vision for colors, enrich the collections each season, giving them the most surprisingly trendy touches.
Her background and experience in the world of footwear makes this woman from Elda the piece that fits perfectly in the design team of the brand. From a shoemaker family, since she was a child she was soaked in the passion for the world of footwear and has managed to direct her professional career combining it with her life as a mother.

An avid trend hunter, she is not only at the forefront of the fashion world, but also demonstrates that she doesn't miss ANYTHING related to practicality.
1. Anything totally new in the AW19 collection?  

Teresa: Freshness and elegance, RENEWAL with capital letters, in terms of styles, materials and combinations and new technological developments, such as the Supersoft technology. Ballerinas and pumps with a new technology in its soles and insoles that provide more comfort and reduce the fatigue of daily use, an added value to our collection.

Mónica: My greatest inspiration is the “woman of today” who evolves with the new lifestyle we have, so we increasingly create more casual collections with touches of fashion and technological developments, that enhance the brand, producing a combination of QUALITY + UNIQUE FASHION.

Supersoft technology gives added value to our new collection." Teresa

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

T: Proposing a new Unisa collection requires a previous study of the trends that are projected for the coming seasons, but above all, an analysis of our target market and our client. It is a task on how to adapt the latest fashion and material trends, to the essence of the brand which is ultimately based on the client.

Inspiration? The first exercise is to set aside my personal taste, be objective and focus solely and exclusively on the lifestyle of our clients, that is, what they really want and need each season. Always maintaining the perspective of comfort and good taste linked to the Unisa brand


M: We listen to the needs of the Unisa woman and take into account trends that can enrich our collections in addition to our Unisa woman profile.

We listen to the needs of the Unisa woman and take into account trends that can enrich our collections.”  Mónica
3. What are the trends of the new season? 

T: After the last seasons and the evolution of fashion, this season is committed to a more casual-sport, less formal and more versatile environment. This is reflected both in the type of product and in the materials and colors.

Military boots, bikers, soles with more character, cowboy booties and the "sneaker" world, are key trends for next winter.

As for materials, the exotic (vipers, baby tejus, more sophisticated leopard print...) and regarding the color scheme, the range of leathers support the commitment to the more "casual look" for next season.


M: In general, the trend evolves towards a casual fashion that adapts to all styles, from flat ballerinas, through masculine-style shoes, to a cowboy boot so fashionable right now.

The thick medium-high heels are a must-have this season, in addition to the track soles, biker boots, slouch boots, cone heels and sneakers, which are becoming more fashionable these days.

In general, the trend evolves towards a casual fashion that adapts to all styles.”  Mónica
4. What is the must-have item of the AW19 collection?

TWithout the shadow of a doubt, a sneaker (ESCACE).

M: Surely a basic Cowboy bootie (MILCA), a military style boot, or a modern loafer (JUNTI)

5. What does the Unisa woman look like?

TA hardworking, brave, strong woman. The Unisa woman does not understand age, it is a lifestyle, an attitude. She adapts and evolves with the fashion of the moment, looking out for the new trends in her shoes and bags, without compromising comfort in her daily life.

M: The Unisa woman is a woman passionate about life, active, hardworking, making an effort to look beautiful, fashionable and comfortable all day long.
The Unisa woman does not understand age, it is a lifestyle, an attitude. ”  Teresa
6. Three words to describe the Unisa AW19 collection

T: Casual, renewal, surprising.

M: Comfortable, versatile, trendy.