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Withdrawal form

In order to request a refund, please send a notification to UNISA from the menu MY ACCOUNT > My orders and click on the models that you wish to return. Alternatively, send us an email at to notify us via a statement confirming your unequivocal decision to return a product.

If contacting us by email, Users may copy and paste the following product returns form template to be completed, although its use is not compulsory:

Withdrawal (returns) form template pursuant to the

Schedule of the Protection of Consumers and Users Act 2007.

For the attention of UNISA EUROPA S.A. with registered address at Poligono Chinorlet XB-56, 03649 Chinorlet, Monovar (Alicante) Spain and duly inscribed in Alicante Mercantile Register under volume 1458, book 0, sheet 90, Page A-14420, with Tax ID. number: A03779949 and email for contact purposes at:


We hereby inform you regarding my/ our intention to return the product/s _______________ [state product], ordered on ___/___/20__, and delivered on ___/___/20__

CUSTOMER/S Full name: ________________________________

CUSTOMER/S Address: ________________________________________

Return notification date: ___/___/20__

We shall send you an email as soon as possible to confirm receipt of your product return notification.

Click here to download the product return form

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