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Unisa is an internationally renowned Spanish footwear brand. Its designs are particularly characterised by their comfort and the quality of the raw materials used, which is the reason why plenty of women trust and follow the Unisa brand. A company that adapts fashion to everyday women's life and comfort.

Our mission is to provide our customers with fashionable, comfortable and quality footwear at good prices. You, the customer, are our number one priority in this new online shop project that brings design to your needs as well as integrates manufacturing, distribution, sale and after sales services provided by our online shop and all our collaborators.

Unisa, quality and experience

Unisa was founded and started life in Spain during the 70's. Although initially only a footwear export business selling their products to the USA, shortly afterwards they began to develop as a thorough women's footwear company both Spain and all of Europe. This shift took place after the meeting of two businessmen: Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta. These two highly experienced footwear manufacturing managers based in Elda, who had already created several new brands and were supported by the family's tradition, laid the foundations of a new venture to start exporting their products to the European continent. Elda became the cornerstone of all their operations.

Musso, Porta and their team started to employ designers from all over the world who shared their taste and company values, thus contributing to an always fresh and multicultural range. The brand, which was based on fusion, looks after this feature as one of its most valued treasures.


Unisa within Europe

1989 sees the incorporation of UNISA Europa as a separate brand from the American partner, along with the creation of the first European collection, in a bid to appeal to the Old Continent's taste. UNISA then began its pursuit for a new, refined and unique approach. They started being marketed alongside the big name brands for the first time. Their products were particularly well received in the German and French markets and started becoming known throughout Europe. From this moment, their plans for expansion have known no limits. Sales from their collections, mostly manufactured in Spain, rocketed and the brand maked their way into the best European multi brand retailers.

Commitment to fusion in fashion

Unisa chooses a team of designers from all over the world to create their European collections for several season. The company's philosophy is based on a committment to cultural fusion and an ongoing renewal of ideas and designs adapted to each season's trends. Every care is taken in the ideas process and when preparing the prototypes at their Elda's workshops, using traditional methods prior to final manufacturing.

Technology focused on footwear

Unisa's main commitment is towards comfort. The company's labs carry out daily experiments aimed at producing more comfortable, lightweight shoes with better adapted lasts, in order to manufacture trendy but also practical footwear. A perfect combination between footwear technology and fashion. UNISA products are designed with the professional, modern woman in mind, who not only looks after her appearance but also needs a type of footwear for everyday use. 

A shoe that can be used to cross the street, attend a meeting, jump on the tube, etc. all the way to a party or a romantic date. And for that reason, we have adopted a high quality sports footwear feature: TPU soles. This provides countless advantages making it antislip, ideal for rainy days, lighter, more resistant and flexible in any weather conditions while avoiding static electricity. Even platform shoes evolve to a new concept, thanks to the flexibility obtained through Tpu soles.

Quality control

All footwear is manufactured based on the models and raw materials sent to our "shoe labs" in our Elda headquarters. Leather, the most important raw material for manufacturers, is obtained from the best Italian, Spanish and Indian suppliers, and is selected after thorough investigations on the best quality leathers in the world. Prototypes are subject to constant resistance and flexibility tests and are not approved until their quality and comfort have been fully proven.

Welcome to Unisa

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