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    Innovation & Trend

    At Unisa we are constantly interested in being up to date with all new trends and current research findings, and how they can be applied to footwear and improve the comfort and quality of our products.

    Among the various technologies that we are introducing in our processes we would like to highlight the following:

    - SuperSoft, to ensure greater comfort in each step.

    - SuperLight: The lightest range of shoes and bags made so far. 

    - Extra Wide, which combines SuperSoft technology with extra width.

    - Dynergy, for greater flexibility and cushioning effect.

    - EcoLino and Ecowool, our most eco-friendly materials.

    UFY (Unisa Flexible Yutes): espadrilles with comfort, flexibility and lightness. 

    All styles with any of these technologies are marked on our website within their product file with the respective information.

    However, if you have doubts you can always get in touch by contacting our customer service.

    Comfortable shoes and innovative technologies


    The SuperSoft technology, applied in innersoles, gives Unisa´s shoes a series of technical features focused on providing the greatest possible comfort during its use.

    SuperSoft means comfort. Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, it allows us to face long days on our shoes, avoiding the appearance of fatigue.

    The composition of materials with which it is manufactured offers greater absorption of small impacts produced by walking, thus achieving greater care of our bones and joints.

    Thanks to this technology and its materials, the innersole always returns to its original state, that is, it has memory and recovers its shape after adapting to each foot.

    Finally, SuperSoft gives the footwear a greater degree of breathability, so that its use is perfectly compatible both in winter and summer.
    Unisa SuperSoft Shoes


    After uniting our purest form with our customers’ demand for light products, UNISA has launched the largest superlight range developed so far. Designs intended to weigh nothing and created to be the most comfortable on the market. Light, comfortable, ergonomic, durable and flexible are concepts that define the products made with superlight technology.

    In this new season we are also highlighting how important it is to have a light bag, which is comfortable and convenient for the woman who uses it. That is why the superlight technology has been used for a line of large capacity bags that weigh less than 400 g.

    Extra Wide & SuperSoft

    In addition to the SuperSoft technology, some of the Unisa styles feature a wider and softer last.

    The commonly called wide-fit, provides relief to those feet needing shoes of greater width. In addition, the special width shoes increase the degree of stability and adapt better to each step.

    Currently, all Unisa Extra Wide styles have a SuperSoft innersole, so these lasts are not only wider, but also lighter and more flexible.

    In addition, any of the Unisa styles showing the "Extra Wide & SuperSoft" symbol are also available in normal width.

    Wide Fit Shoes Unisa


    Shoes with #Dynergy technology offer maximum flexibility and torsion: the system design allows the bending at any angle.

    In addition, thanks to its R&D, the pressures are well distributed: its 3D waves allow:

    - Double cushion effect, which reduces the pressure.
    -  Pressure distribution, which stabilizes the step.
    - Transformation of impulse energy for the next step.

    With Dynergy we ensure maximum comfort and cushion effect. Its ergonomics help with proper adaptation and adjustment to all types of feet. In addition, it absorbs impact energy, reduces fatigue and prevents small traumas.

    EcoLino & Ecowool

    At Unisa, we are very much aware that reusing and recycling must be part of our commitment to respect our planet.

    In order to do our bit, and under the “Reuse to create” principle, we have manufactured a collection of products made with Ecolino and Ecowool, fabrics that are made 100% of recycled plastic bottles. Imitating linen and wool, these synthetic fabrics are resistant, long-lasting, light and ecological.

    EcoLino imitates natural linen. It is a versatile, fresh and summery fabric. EcoWool imitates wool. It is a resistant and comfortable material that will give you the necessary warmth for the coldest seasons.

    With both fabrics we guarantee the quality of Unisa shoes. A resistant, durable and sustainable footwear.

    The Ecolino and Ecowool brands are our more eco-friendly bet with which Unisa continues to work towards reducing the impact of our products.

    UFY (Unisa Flexible Yutes)

    With the new exclusive Unisa UFY (Unisa Flexible Jutes) technology we have added comfort, flexibility and lightness by using new materials on the wedge and the sole. Furthermore, this technology has enabled us to make espadrilles like never before; by enhancing the comfort thanks to the insole and the foam sole so that nothing stops you.

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Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
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