Black Friday Shoes

20% discount on the whole collection except for a small selection
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Black Friday Shoes 2023

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a highly significant day in the lead-up to Christmas campaigns, both for retailers and shoppers. It's especially crucial for those seeking discounts on products. While its origins are in the United States, it has become a pivotal moment for the international market, often extending discount periods over several days.

Unisa Black Friday

At Unisa, you can enjoy Black Friday deals on shoes and handbags, with exclusive discounts on the new collection. You'll find our Black Friday offers on footwear both online and in our physical stores.

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Black Friday Shoes: The Best Time for Your Christmas Shopping

The end-of-year festivities are approaching, and Unisa's Black Friday is the ideal time for your Christmas shopping.

During this Unisa Black Friday for women, you'll find a wide variety of discounted women's shoes: boots, booties, sneakers, dress shoes... Unisa's new collection is filled with trends and novelties. Can you choose just one pair?

Take advantage of Black Friday discounts on footwear and handbags to make the best Christmas gift. We've extended the return deadlines until after the holidays so you can shop with more peace of mind during Unisa's Black Friday.

Black Friday Shoes: Refresh Your Shoe Collection at Great Prices

Searching for women's boots on Black Friday is one of the best ways to take advantage of this discount period. Boots are the quintessential footwear for the autumn and winter seasons, and investing in a quality pair is the best way to ensure durability. Unisa's Black Friday is the perfect time to get your pair at a better price. Do you think you'll be able to resist?

What's Most Sought After in Shoes this Black Friday?

This Unisa Black Friday, get this season's favorites at a better price. Among the trending women's footwear, we recommend Women's Stretch Boots or sock-style women's boots, the Cowboy Boots collection - a style that has dominated the runways this fall/winter, our Rubber Boots line for extra protection on rainy days, and Padded Boots and Booties - our comfortable and voluminous selection. This Black Friday in shoes, another highly sought-after category is Women's Loafers - the staple of everyday looks that remains popular season after season.

And if there's one type of footwear our customers search for the most during our Black Friday shoe sale, it's those with SuperLight technology - our line of ultra-light shoes, and SuperSoft, designed to provide extra comfort for day-to-day wear.

Finally, Unisa's Black Friday is also your opportunity to complete your look with the perfect bag. Among our bag collection this fall/winter season, we highlight Soft Bags, crafted with recycled fur, resulting in a very soft and comfortable final product.

In our online store, you'll find significant discounts on the entire collection, except for a small selection. Discover our catalog of renewed Unisa classics, timeless and wearable models, with the guarantee of Unisa's quality, durability, and comfort. During Unisa's Black Friday for shoes, you'll find them at a better price.

Have you already found your shoes for Black Friday 2023?

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Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
Follow the hashtag #myunisas and find some inspiration to combine all your Unisas! Feel free to share your own looks. Have a look >
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