• Unisa Mocasines DAIMIEL_F20_JAC abyss/crud 40%
  • UNISA Bolso tote monograma ZISNOW_F20_EWE monocumin 40%
    Monogram Tote bag £ 89.90 £ 49.90
  • Unisa Bolso Bandolera ZACOTA_KS black 50%
    Kid suede handbag £ 99.90 £ 49.90

A true reference to our Mediterranean region

Reinvention to make a difference

At Unisa we make a difference by making each of our shoes and bags a piece that is 100% exclusive.

The monogram is a visible proof of the quality of our products, of their historical and symbolic dimension. It becomes an element of brand identity, adding personality to it.

Sophistication, innovation and creativity

The monogram supports the originality of the product, giving it recognition and authenticity. A symbol inspired by Mediterranean lattices that represents the name of UNISA 


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