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Cheerful, joyful and affectionate, Caroline spreads her creativity to everyone around her. Born in the 80's in Switzerland, she left her home country and moved to Hamburg (Germany) to dedicate herself to her 3 great passions.
She is a professional singer and is involved in many projects. She writes her own music and performs in events, weddings, big shows ... etc.

Film and Photography is another of her great passions. She started about 2 years ago and she discovered that it is something she really enjoys. She loves to edit and try new techniques.

His third passion is to make people dance. She loves DJing music, her charisma and her smile is contagious!

Caroline is Unisa.
We should go out, try new things, travel, talk to people, ask questions, be fearless and evolve through these experiences.
Caroline Leuzinger, Hamburg
Nowadays Im focused on doing just that, whatever makes me happy
I am Unisa, Hamburg