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Carola is one of those women “to be reckoned with”. Disciplined, athletic, and very familiar, this known Shooter treasures numerous achievements in her career, among which: runner-up of the World 2017, runner-up of Spain 2017 and bronze of Europe championship by teams 2017.
Carola combines her life as a mother with her training sessions and her social life. A friend of her friends, a fighter, with initiative, cultivated and intelligent always has the pleasure to share her fun side with people.

She is an independent and self-sufficient woman, and for her, the most important thing is her precious family, as well as her career as a high level athlete.

Carola is Unisa.
Carola Escámez, Madrid
I really enjoy shooting, I love being an elite athlete and being able to combine it with my personal life, my family, my Friends…
Carola Escámez, mamá y deportista
It is very rewarding to achieve your goals, both personal and professional.
Unisa & Carola