Shoe care

It's time to pamper your shoes
Unisa Shoe Care

A proper care and cleaning is absolutely essential to make your pair of Unisa's last longer… Here you will find a few tips to help you keep them always clean and in good condition.

General advice:

The best way to make sure that the shoes don’t crease or lose their original shape is to store them in the original box along with all the elements provided by the factory.

Undo the straps before putting the shoes on to prevent the buckles and elastics from breaking. 

Using a shoehorn is a good option, so that the heels and the counters stay firm and don’t lose shape.

As the sun is the number one enemy of leather, keep them away of direct sunlight so that they stay their original colour and don’t fade.

Unisa's new products to take care of your shoes:

Now, we have on our online shop productos to take care of your Unisa for a good price.  What are you waiting for?
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