Men's shoes for women

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Masculine style shoes are a hit!

What do you think of masculine style shoes? Would you include it in your collection? Women shoes can be masculine and this is becoming a trend.

Life advances and reinvents itself and with it, fashion, which turns around one season after another. In the field of footwear, this year we have the great trend of a masculine style, making a difference in women looks.

Our experience in the sector is extensive and accurate since we have been working in the sale and manufacture of women footwear for more than 20 years. In Unisa we work on a daily basis on the continuous study of changes, reinventions or applications in the world of fashion. And this season, one of the strong trends is the masculine style footwear applied in feminine looks.

We are constantly adapting to the moment and looking for the trends which will inspire all our designs. We bring you a great selection of styles, such as the traditional loafers, laced-up shoes, blucher or Oxfort shoes. In addition, you can choose folded back or closed, made of kid suede or metallic leather. And they also have a non-slip TPU sole.

The masculine footwear adapted to the feminine is a fashionable trend, and shoes that have always been described as exclusive of men, are now becoming part of women's wardrobes.

Combine them with any skinny jeans, chinos, skirt or dress and your look will be spot-on. Whether you go to work or go for a drink, you will look perfect.

It is a “safe purchase”, since this style of shoes will not go out of fashion. You can wear them however you want, season after season without any problem, neither fashion nor material related. The manufacture of our products is taken care of and updated.

We are at your disposal and our work is based on you and for you, so, we will be happy to assist you and resolve any questions or suggestions you may have. Get in contact with us.

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