Women's black and / or white shoes

Minimalist and sophisticated
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Essential black and white shoes

Classic colors never go out of style and, while black, which we love above all things, has always had a privileged place, his alter ego, white, has established itself as the new trend that you cannot miss this new season.

Wear white leather boots with style is not rocket science, on the contrary, like black, is a versatile color able to adapt to many looks and become not only the center piece, but the necessary accessory that will provide balance to your entire outfit.

Unisa has developed a selection of boots and booties combined in black and / or white for you to be the latest in street style. Still do not know how to wear them? Pay attention to some of these ideas:

1. The total denim is a very popular look. Give it your own personal touch with a cowboy bootie in white.
2. Maximum simplicity is possible with your favorite jeans and a black leather jacket, how about a pair of black leather sneakers for those days when feeling comfortable is the most important thing?
3. Empower yourself with strong colors such as red or electric blue and balance them with a slouch bootie in black or white.
4. Do you like prints? Tone down your favorite excessively ornate look with classic black pumps shoes.

Can you think of more tips? The possibilities are endless.
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