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How to measure your foot? Here you can find out how to choose your size.

When choosing the perfect pair of shoes there are several factors that will determine your decision, and one of them is comfort. Therefore, we want to help you choose the correct size for your new pair of shoes. In three simple steps, you will choose the right size for your new shoes, and you will wear them comfortably.

1. Put your foot on a sheet of paper while standing against a wall.

2. Draw a line from your heel to your longest part of your foot (repeat this process with your other foot, because it could have a different measure).

3. Measure the distance between your heel and the longest part of your feet. The length in cm will correspond to your Unisa’s size at the size table, which you can see here.

With these simple steps, you will be more certain that the size you choose will be the correct one, and therefore feel more reassured during the online purchase process.

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