Thin strappy sandals

Less is more
  • Unisa Esclavas CISLA_KS fuchia 15%
    Fuchsia straps sandals 95.00 € 79.90 €
  • Unisa Esclavas CISLA_LMT gold 15%
  • Unisa Esclavas KEKE_LMT gold 10%
    Golden straps sandals 105.00 € 89.90 €
  • Unisa Esclavas KEKE_NA white 10%
    White straps sandals 105.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia esclava blanca tacón KOLMA_NA white 10%
    White heeled thong sandals 105.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia cuña tiras serpiente LLINAR_VIP nacar/arga 25%
    Wedge sandals snake straps 125.00 € 89.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia serpiente Swarovski CLARIS_VIP suntan 20%
    Snake Swarovski sandals 125.00 € 99.90 €
  • UNISA Sandalia plana dorada Swarovski CLARIS_LMT platino 10%
  • UNISA Sandalia negra plana Swarovski CLARIS_KS black 10%
  • UNISA Sandalia tacón contraste SAMUEL_EV_NA black 30%
  • UNISA Sandalia tacón contraste SAMUEL_EV_NA mumm 30%

Floss Heel sandals are the shoes of the season.

The medium heeled strappy sandals with a nineties essence are the trend that we all want to have this season. Woman’s sandals with a Floss heel that allow us to wear them all day long without any discomfort.

This Floss sandal minimalist trend is the most versatile footwear we could possibly have in our wardrobe, a combination of comfort and elegance that perfectly combines with our entire closet, wear them with your midi skirts, your evening wear... there isn’t a glamour girl that doesn’t have a Unisa Floss heel in their wardrobe.

You only have one decision to make, which of all the styles that Unisa proposes is the pair that suits you best? animal print straps, metallic, Kid suede in several colours, with a wider heel, combined with vinyl ... a whole catalogue of irresistible proposals.

Naked sandals, floss-heels, bare sandals, strappy sandals, barely there sandals ... We can't get enough of them, AND YOU?

The medium-heeled sandals are the most comfortable and the most beautiful.
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