Rita & Irita

Our most iconic sandals
  • UNISA Sandalia bloque en piel IRITA_21_NA 30%
  • Unisa Sandalias RITA_21_NA white 30%
  • Sandalia bloque efecto metalizado
  • Unisa Sandalias IRITA_21_NA bisquit 30%
  • UNISA Sandalia cuña de piel RITA_21_NA 30%
  • UNISA Sandalia cuña de charol RITA_21_PA 10%
  • Unisa Sandalias IRITA_21_NA black 30%
  • Unisa Sandalias RITA_21_NA black 30%
  • Unisa Sandalias IRITA_21_KS black 30%
  • Unisa Sandalias IRITA_21_NA ocean 30%
  • Unisa Sandalias IRITA_21_KS jeans 30%

There is no other shoe in Unisa as iconic as Rita & Irita sandals

With over 20 years old, Rita & Irita was born as Unisa’s classic, light and comfy shoe, whose last and silhouette fitted every woman. Built from a polyurethane wedge with wood finish effect, sandal Rita has adapted to every single change of fashion trend over the seasons, becoming an unmissable item for any real Unisa fan.

Back to basics 

Every year Unisa offers a large selection of Ritas made in kid suede, patent leather, metallic finished leather or exotic materials, without losing track of its original essence: being a contemporary classical sandal.
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