A small gesture, a great help

At Unisa, women are the engine that drives us every day, wanting to move forward and evolve. Because you represent all our inspiration and our reason for being. This is why, thinking of all of you, real fighters, who suffer or have suffered in some way from breast cancer, we could not but continue to support this cause, our cause.

The 19 October is International Day Against Breast Cancer and, from here, we want to help to win this battle, supporting this cause with a small gesture that will be of great help to many people.

Together, we want to do our bit. From 16 to 25 October, we will start selling our limited edition pink leather solidarity purse, which you can buy on our online shop with your purchase for only 5 Euros/Pounds. Solidarity items will be available in your shopping cart.

All the proceedings of this action will go to help the fight against Breast Cancer.

A small gesture, a great help.
Join us in the fight and support the cause.
We ? You,