New trend: Floss heels or strappy sandals

The fashion world is daring, crazy, innovative, different ... but does that mean we have to set aside practicality and comfort? Strappy sandals or the so-called floss heels are nothing more than a combination of this ... Versatile, simple but special shoes.

You will wonder why they are called like that... and not just the usual heeled sandals. They are characterized by having a sensible heel and superfine straps. They are the perfect union between comfort and summer elegance.

These classic sandals are perfect for a formal occasion, with stylizing strips that give an elegant and sophisticated touch; and at the same time they are comfortable to wear even with the thinnest heel ... and this is thanks to their low or medium height.

While wedges or espadrilles are classic summer shoes, these are as well, but with a more romantic style. They are perfect for all those summer adventures you have planned.

And although this style is ideal for all occasions, there are always some garments that complement it perfectly. At Unisa, as always, we advise and help you create the perfect look.

Although it seems that they are more suitable for night looks, it is not at all like that. The latest trend is to combine it with your day to day looks giving it a sexy and chic touch. Coloured jeans, midi skirts, romantic-patterned dresses,... The most sensual shoes of the season have arrived and are here to stay! You'll love knowing that they enhance the figure and bring an authentic touch to any outfit.

Do you have yours? If not, don't hang about any longer and choose yours by visiting our selection here.

If you already have them, tag us in your photos. We are looking forward to seeing how you combine them.

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